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The advantages are extensive – the state of your multimedia (such as Adobe Flash or Windows Media) is unchanged, bandwidth costs are reduced, and the client does not experience the flicker usually associated with a postback. NET technology brings an object-oriented and event-driven programming model and unites it with the benefits of compiled code.

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This sample uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition as the data store.

HOME Accordion Ajax File Upload Always Visible Control Animation Area Chart Async File Upload Auto Complete Balloon Popup Bar Chart Bubble Chart Calendar Cascading Drop Down Collapsible Panel Color Picker Combo Box Confirm Button Drag Panel Drop Down Drop Shadow Dynamic Populate Filtered Text Box Gravatar Hover Menu Html Editor Extender Line Chart List Search Masked Edit Modal Popup Multi Handle Slider Mutually Exclusive Check Box No Bot Numeric Up Down Paging Bulleted List Password Strength Pie Chart Popup Control Rating Reorder List Resizable Control Rounded Corners Seadragon Slider Slide Show Tabs Text Box Watermark Toggle Button Twitter Update Panel Animation Validator Callout Reorder List is an ASP.

NET AJAX control that implements a bulleted data-bound list with items that can be reordered interactively.

the select query is sorted by this column), and that column is of an integer type, the Reorder List can automatically perform reorders if its Sort Order Field property is set.

The Reorder List can also bind to any data source that implements IList (such as Arrays). Rather than extending existing controls on the page, it delivers a rich client experience directly and still has a traditional post-back server model for interacting with the application.