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This revival begins in a sombre mood with the thrust stage covered in crunchy desiccated leaves which a bleak Orlando, in servitude to his abusive older brother, and the loyal ancient Adam (beautifully played by David Fielder) have been tasked to sweep into a wheelbarrow.

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who has been dating Evanescence singer Amy Lee for the past six months ? I didn't know I had so much power over Ben and his life and his career.

If I'd known I would have done some things a little differently..."Let me tell you, my friend, one day when you're a little older you might understand.

"I had so much I needed to get off my chest," she says. It felt so good." To her credit, the 24-year-old singer, pianist and songwriter points out that the challenges she's faced in recent years are no greater than anyone else's.

It's just that Lee's trials and tribulations have been sensationalised in the media and her healing process includes a collection of songs that will be heard by millions.

Amy also said that the song is about other things in her life, "it was also about the people I was working with that were kind of holding me down and manipulating me and betraying me.

I had to put my foot down and walk out the door."It's very obvious who it's about.

That heavy-rotation plummet, the main event in the video for Bring Me To Life, propelled Lee and her Gothic pop band Evanescence to stardom.

(Oh my God, did I actually dare to write that about the great Ben Moody? The only person I have to care about in Evanescence is Amy, and I really couldn't care less about Ben Moody or any of the skanky hoes he bangs on the road. Unless you have worked with her or have personal experience, your opinion does not amount to much. I'm not joining her band, and it wasn't to counteract anything having anything to do with Evanescence.

Get a life and try to understand that your hero is nowhere near as cool as you think he is..."Now, drink your milk, have your cookies and go to bed before Mommy gets angry..."Meanwhile, an "associate" of Moody's (or possibly Moody himself) has made a posting on Ben's behalf on the Evanescence message board regarding the rumors that Moody is writing songs with Avril lavigne for her next album and that he may be joining her touring band. valuable webspace arguing your opinion about whether or not Avril is cool or whether or not I should work with her or whether or not she is worthy.

She has a brother named Robby Lee and two sisters named Carrie Lee and Lori Lee.

Lee had a younger sister who died at the age of three from an unidentified illness in 1987.