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The other vintage controllers, the G-202 and G-505, are well-built, fine guitars.

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Like most measurement tools of the quality of a man’s game, the flag metric doesn’t account for a girl’s hotornotness, but it is still superior to the notch count because foreign girls do have subtle differences in their outlook on life, their behavior during courtship, and their opinions of men that will test the flexibility and resourcefulness of a guy’s game.

The sum total of a foreign woman is more than her ethnic cuisine.

When you find prostitutes online they will generally lead you to a brothel.

You can just walk up to the brothel if you know the location, or you can find the girls online and then get directions.

The tried and true methods will work regardless of her country of origin.

Nonetheless, knowledge of her ethnic idiosyncrasies will put a man way ahead of his competition.

There are strip clubs as well, but they are expensive and you don’t even get to bust a nut.

Many of them can be rip off places and anyone new in town needs to avoid the bars around Munich Central Station because they are very likely to try and rip you off in some way.

All of them were recent (less than one year) emigres.

Sex has been for sale for a long time but they did not legalize prostitution in Germany until 2002.

There are all sorts of places to find girls for sex in Berlin ranging from FKK saunas, brothels, streetwalking hookers, erotic massage, and sex clubs.

There are some very nice FKK laufhaus brothels in Munich, but some will tell you they aren’t as nice as others around Germany.

There are also many smaller brothels and you can easily find prostitutes online here.