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The one lead I got ended up leading me to a dead end (as there seems to be no way to turn on offline mode without tinkering with advancedsecurity!Firewall, which I've done before but am hesitant to do here).It seems like you might of tried installing Forge without running the game at least once (but it should prevent you from installing in that case, not familiar with Forge but a good installer should tell you that you need to run the game once).You can also go to your .minecraft folder (shortcut - in the profile editor it will show the path, along with a button to open the directory, note that versions are only installed to the original .minecraft folder if you changed it for a custom profile) and check the versions folder to see if there is a Forge version installed (it should be named after the version of Forge you installed and contain a jar and json file with the same names).Unfortunately, our server automatically updated its mods, which had some undesirable effects...disabled mods that were updated showed up again, for one, and it forced us to update our clients which like I mentioned is a bit of an undertaking to say the least.We're working on getting a Private Pack through FTB, but it is going to take some time and until that happens I'd really like to keep our server on the same version, which means I need to disable the auto update somehow. I would also REALLY like to see this feature, or have it explained to me.

What happens if you try playing anyway (can't hurt)?

I'd MUCH rather be able to test these update ahead of time, THEN push the update once the kinks are identified and fixed on my end.

My players have experienced about 60% or less uptime during updates and that's unacceptable.

Is this something I can take care of myself, or something that someone at Multiplay can help me with? I have noticed that FTB has a number of issues, both on the client side (updates don't replace existing files, version # doesn't change in the version file, etc...) and on the server side (Forge Multipart bits are missing from client-side config which exist on server side).

With support erratic, I'm seriously tired of compensating for auto-updating on the server.