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Absolutely no adults in this chat room please, you will be banned.So the avatar is becoming the medium of the future. So when you have a virtual experience, it can profoundly affect you outside of virtual reality, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad.NARRATIONThat means the environment of the future will be virtual reality. The virtual reality goggles took me into a reality that wasn't that different. NARRATIONThe bad effects of video games are well-studied.NARRATIONAlready, there are computer games where players interact via avatars. Prof Jeremy Bailenson Microsoft has released a product called Avatar Kinect, where you socialise with other avatars, but those avatars are mimicking your gestures and they're capturing your facial expressions. To put that in perspective, they read print for about 38 minutes a day. I don't know, what is that, a 20m drop either side? Now I'm gonna ask you to take a step off into the pit to see what happens, alright? I actually feel like this is a slightly scary thing to do. Cody Karutz Yeh, just remind yourself there's a physical room, right. Prof Jeremy Bailenson One finding that is very inherent throughout over a decade of research on this is that things that happen in the virtual world are not free. Prof Jeremy Bailenson What it does is it takes this social networking, that we love so much with devices like Facebook, and puts an avatar layer on it, an avatar that moves like you do. NARRATIONAnd in the future, it won't be just living-room games. Your brain is sending it all these signals, 'Do not cross the chasm on a plank. Dr Graham Phillips I didn't even see you up the back. this world an extra level of reality.Credits can be transferred back from IMVU to actual currency for developers accounts only.