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Consolidation also makes it easier to keep systems up to date and ensure that security and anti-virus software is current and that log files shrink proportionately.Additionally, there are fewer connections, and the transport layer used to communicate data between systems is also simplified. As much of this responsibility lies on the shoulders of your security team, your team stands to benefit from easier continuity when planning, implementation, and testing of your disaster recovery plan see a reduction in size due to consolidation efforts.

In most cases, agencies’ private email servers were decommissioned, with the accounts rolled into the OMES Microsoft Exchange server.When Oklahoma began its data center consolidation in 2011, each of the state’s more than 170 agencies had been procuring its own IT infrastructure.“We had 129 different email systems and 30 data center and computer room locations,’” says Dustin Crossfield, Oklahoma director of technology services for the Information Services Division of the state’s Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES).Oklahoma’s consolidation story may be unusual in its scale and ambition – but not in its strategy.Taking their cue from the 2010 Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, many state and local governments have embarked on some form of data center and IT consolidation.In the past, IT would deal with increasing demands by scaling out.