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And while sex figures off-stage, it is a thoughtfully written play about a love affair (yes, there is PG level intimacy), how the world, and technology, is rapidly changing; about having passion for writing, and reading; and about honesty with others, and with oneself, to name a few themes.
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Beth phoenix dating santino

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As reported earlier, one way WWE is looking to cut costs is by not flying in every single active talent on the roster to the weekly tapings unless they actually have plans to use them.

On the flipside, Swagger had debuted a few months earlier on the ECW brand and had steamrolled the competition en route to defeating Matt Hardy on the January 13th edition of ECW to win his first Championship in WWE.

Let us reminisce on that Perhaps it was the cold shoulder from the former WWE Champion that led her astray to her future boyfriends…

Let’s surmise; former boyfriend Santino, somewhere between dating and Maria and Beth Phoenix, decided to become a cross dresser.

– This week’s edition of “Santino’s Foreign Exchange” is now online.

Here is the synopsis: “It’s Thanksgiving, Santino style!