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There are a few ways to look at the music video for “Toxic.” The first is that Britney Spears is playing a spy, or some sort of assassin, who steals a poisonous chemical from a lab in Paris, gets her cheating boyfriend to ingest it, and then disappears undetected. But all in a day’s work for a spy or highly-trained assassin.

In doing so she dons multiple disguises, enlists the help of a fellow spy to transport her to the laboratory, and uses her training and experience in the field to do things like dodge laser sensors and scale skyscapers with suction cup-like devices.

Bieber has received his own fair share of criticism in recent years for some of his behaviour; including being caught on camera peeing into a restaurant mop bucket in 2013 and his arrest for a DUI in 2014.

'People are really quick to judge': In her interview Britney said she felt for kids in the spotlight saying about Justin Bieber 'He experiences that.

Hurt, Godney soon retires to the bathroom–amazingly pre-prepared with B’s entire suite of fragrances–to wipe away her tears. Is there anything else to do but gleefully gasp with delight and clutch your pearls as Britney strolls toward her rotten man-candy millionaire, now flirting with another girl, and smugly offers to the sorry wench: “So, you’re not working the street corner tonight I see…”?!

Britney at this time was a girl, developing into a woman.Her handlers crafted an image of a girl who is discovering her own sex appeal, while singing sugar coated pop songs.It was a good formula and some of the bubble gum pop of this time period was catchy and fit right in with the other musical of it's type. As the camera pans in during the clip’s opening scene, we find our beloved Britney–dressed up in a gorgeous gown–uncomfortably glancing around inside a crowded soiree.Serving pure “I’m not here for this” frowny face, the Holy Spearit is suddenly hassled by her boyfriend for not looking and acting the part.Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American pop singer, generational icon, occasional actress, author and songwriter. Spears first came to fame as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club in the early 1990s, after which she took a five-year break from entertainment.