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The website came under fire for deleting posts by its users - including high-profile figures like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus - featuring female nipples, which critics claim is a sexist double-standard.

Caitlin posed in a totally transparent nightgown that brazenly displayed her nipples, but decided to draw over her face. The move comes after Caitlin fiercely hit out at her critics and launched a crusade against 'slut shaming'. The former Neighbours actress (she played schoolgirl Rachel Kinski), who currently stars in hit US show Reign, is appearing naked on the internet, not because she’s a victim, but because she refuses to be one.Stasey is committed to her vision: she doesn’t just spearhead this project; she demonstrates how much she believes in it by featuring in it. She stands, looking backwards to the camera, with a slight curve to her stomach and a total sense of ease about her nudity.She's the former Neighbours star and outspoken feminist, known for her ongoing dispute with Instagram over their nudity guidelines.She is also the former lover of "Jay Garrick", before discovering his true identity as Hunter Zolomon and the former girlfriend of Julian Albert. Labs, but also seemingly from changing time again she is also a meta-human with abilities similar to her Earth Two doppelgänger, who she is afraid of becoming like.