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Meanwhile, one of the least likely matches seen on the app was between accountants and salespeople, with the implication that the stereotypes associated with those two professions might have some validity — the outgoing salesperson probably won't click with the (supposedly) introverted accountant.Of course, chemistry, rather than a resumé, should determine whom you ask out this Saturday.Take the initiative Are men afraid of successful women?Relationship expert Eric Hegmann doesn’t think so: “The latest studies of online dating show more and more that men are refusing to subscribe to the old cliché of looking for a woman who has a less demanding career than they do.” The problem remains that men do sometimes feel that they won’t live up to the expectations of a woman who is a high-flyer; so even if they are attracted to the profile of a woman who has an impressive career, they can be reluctant to send a contact request: they still see successful women as too much of a challenge.When looking for love, you make a list in your head/on your dating vision board of what you want your ideal mate to be like, right? You have to go out and get what you want, in both love and career.You imagine the love you want in order to help manifest it in your life. So, here's why finding a job can feel a lot like dating: Creating a Linked In page is just like creating a Tinder profile, except you're hoping to attract the right kinds of companies that are interested in people LIKE YOU.If we offer you a position in our company, it means that we see the potential in you.

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Since I graduated from college, finding a job felt ALMOST harder than finding a date. Think about it: You want to find a company you like that likes you back. I imagined the guy to be a potential boss sitting across a conference table asking me, “So, What are some things you're passionate about? ”And I realized, I didn't really know what my passions or strengths were. And if I'm going to get anywhere in dating or my career, I have to become a fully-realized person who doesn't just pretend to have their life together. Whether you're looking for love or looking for your dream job, you have to put yourself out there if you ever want to be successful.

After you and your potential employer decide you both like each other enough to communicate (much like a preconceived Tinderella love story), you set up a phone screening.

You know you want to come off as cool and confident as possible in hopes to impress the company or your new match, so you practice how you'll say hello or create mental notes in your head of certain questions to ask. Not only did you attract a company, but you also convinced the employer you're worthy of their time and are coming in for an interview to see if there's any chemistry. It's exciting and stressful, I know, so you tell all your closest friends about this awesome opportunity and you figure out what outfit you'll wear and work on calming your nerves.

But if a woman is a high-flyer, can it compromise her chances when she’s looking for a relationship?

Well, when Susanne (35) changed her job title in her Parship profile from ‘economic adviser’ to ‘office worker’, she suddenly found that there was a massive increase in the number of contact requests she received.