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Last month the People’s Daily newspaper warned that “social harmony and stability” could be threatened if millions of rural men were unable to find partners.
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Cell phone and dating

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If you have a trustworthy friend with you, give them your phone – whatever it takes.

Alcohol and cell phones do not mix well, and sending a message you probably won’t remember sending the next day could potentially do major damage to your relationship.

Luckily, these studies are still in their infancy, so maybe in a couple years, we can laugh these results off as a load of bunk.3. Picture it: all is quiet, there's maybe some bad elevator music on in the background, and you lean in for a kiss, but, "RING! Researchers found that 94.5 percent of cell phones are basically germ factors.

Not only are cell phones home to at least one bacteria or another, but a lot of those germs found are known as "superbugs," which is a bacteria that can’t be cured by common antibiotics.5. Even if you're able to get over the obstacles that cell phones put in the way of successful and happy relationships, that doesn't mean you're out of the woods just yet.

I do not have a cell phone for personal use if someone is interested enough to contact me outside of what is a last minute plan for them then they are probably interested enough for me to have some sort of relationship with. Since then, I did get a cell phone a few years back - after my Dad was rushed to the hospital for emergency angioplasty (heart), but that number only my family and a few really close friends have (my boss at work has it, with the understanding its only for 'the sky is falling' serious emergencies).

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I've had one since I was 18 years of age so I'm not the one in question.

Don’t Overdo It If you had a good time on your date, it’s 100% ok to send a text saying so. Phone calls have practically become extinct in 2014, so this will surprise your date and let them know that you care.

Just don’t flood their inbox because you will 100% freak them out. Don’t Drink and Text The best thing you can possibly do when you go out is to stay off your phone.