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we are not officially in a relationship, still getting to know eachother etc.. do I stand a good chance of being in a relationship with him or even possible marriage Lol? I'm a black girl who has been going on dates with a half chaldean, half Italian man.. Chaldeans aren't exactly Arab.I heard they're very similar in their traditions...

By this point you will notice ashtrays are actually being used for Pistachio shells and there are several plates of almonds/cashews/sunflowerseeds all put at strategic places - by televisions or phones or where baba sits.

Historically, Chaldeans are from the Arab World but are not Arabs.

The Chaldean people of today are descendants of the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian civilizations and the Aramean legacy of Mesopotamia.

The only way you will ever be able to get into a Chaldeans house is when you are respected and only that- respect is more important than anything and it goes both ways.

Upon taking your shoes off after you close the door behind you, you are greeted by parents who want to know your last name and what village you're from and if you know 30-40 other Chaldeans they might think you're related to.