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Once you’ve got that entry in, come on back here and DISH! Ultimately, the talent this year is crazy good, and a lot of personalities have emerged. Totally cracked me up, but man, where’s the pixilation gods when you need them? Okay, I need to wander over to NCIS territory for just a moment. Who wins signed copies of both Cupcake Club books AND Nora/JD Robb’s latest release, CELEBRITY IN DEATH??? We had a blast, the weather was stunning, and the crowd was amazing. I cut through three of them, trying to figure out how the hearts went, and, well, I’m just trashing cupcakes, essentially. After frosting, put heart candy on them (or some other decoration) that can also face forward so you know which way to cut the cupcake in order to see the heart shape inside (if you cut the heart in the wrong direction you just get a rectangle shape—not very romantic! Dark Chocolate Ganache: 1 lb bittersweet chocolate, chopped (use semi sweet if bitter’s not for you) 1 pint heavy cream 5 ounces unsalted butter Directions: 1) Bring cream and butter to a simmer. You can let cool and thicken a bit before frosting the cupcakes. I will draw three winners from the stack and announce them right here, next Monday. This week, TWO lucky Happening Blog Babes will win a copy of any book from my website bookshelf (including the Cupcake Club romances) and ONE lucky grand prize winner will receive both Cupcake Books AND a little cupcake treat package, including gorgeous designer cupcake wrappers, fun flag toppers, and an adorable silicone Valentine cupcake pan! Tags: Writing by Donna 1 Comment » …the winners of the Release Week Contest, wooooo!!!!!!! So, go on, get your entry in…come right on back here and join in a little MAC dish!!

) Alls ya gotta do is drop me an email to [email protected] “Leap on this entry, why don’t ya! I’ll draw one from the stash and announce it here in Friday’s blog post. Tags: Writing by Donna 3 Comments » Okay, so over on American Idol this week, we paired down to the Top 24 (well…soon to be 25, but I digress.) I waited to blog until after both shows were done, so we could dish the whole list. Oh, and the final moment where Steven Tyler strips down and takes a swim? All right, enough with the MAC’n…who is the Big Blog Babe Bonanza Winner of the final Release Month Giveaway? Your feedback and support means a great deal to me! I want to thank everyone who came out to the fabulous signing at Turn the Page in Boonsboro MD last Saturday. You need to keep the cupcakes facing forward so you get the right cross-section of the heart when you cut or bite into the cupcake (to get the full heart effect). I’ll post photos of the prize package in tomorrow’s blog. Just drop an email to [email protected] in the subject line. Since yesterday’s blog post was forever and a half long, I’ll repeat the entry details here: We’re celebrating Book Release MONTH! The TWO winners of the pair of Cupcake Club romances, SUGAR RUSH & SWEET STUFF, are?????? The winner of both books and the super awesome cupcake apron goes to??? Okay, okay, so for the Still Fabulous Blog Babes who didn’t get the big win this time around…well, I haven’t forgotten you. Deadline to enter is Sunday, 2/12 at midnight, EST.

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Alice later abandoned Cassie to pursue a man, and left the child in the care of her elderly mother, Millie.

Cassie loved Millie, but it was very difficult for a woman of her age to keep up with a young child, and Cassie had no friends but her dolls.

See full summary » Comedian Chelsea Handler talks about celebrity gossip, pop culture and interviews celebrities while giving her audience something to laugh at. See full summary » "Entertainment Tonight" is the #1 syndicated entertainment newsmagazine in the world.

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More than 12 million nightly viewers tune in to ET to get the latest in entertainment news, gossip and information. Just sayin…) So, given they’re cutting half the squad in one fell swoop, I wasn’t thinking they really brought their A Games. (If you want a sneak peek at the cover, head on over to my Facebook fan page and check it out! I like it when they involved Hawaiian culture and history. Now, I get that it’s the curse and his unusual entry into it, being as he was unconscious when the curse was enacted, woke up to Mary Margaret, experienced the kiss with her…then didn’t get his cursed “memories” of Storybrooke until he saw the windmill in Gold’s shop…and by then, he was all conflicted and messed up, straddling two worlds and not able to comprehend why. I was happy to see that they tried to take a step forward into that this week, and it’s clear they thought they’d have time to wind us slowly into the whole thing. “” He’s only been waiting three years for me to FINALLY mention him in the blog. Unless they’re bringing back Lauren Gray and making it Top 13 girls, too…. Here’s how it stacked up for me: The ones who need to stay: De Andre (who needs to cut back on the falsetto, but when he whipped out that last one? I’ll be back with all the Top 12 Girls Idol dish and NCIS commentary tomorrow. A sneak peek at the next Cupcake Club book, BABYCAKES! I’m not a huge fan of teams where one person is all “YES! ” (Which would be me) who was silly enough to pair themselves with the “We’re all going to die! They’ve done a good job of making him Princely and Charming in the Enchanted Forest world, but in SB, he’s just wishywashy and non-commital and not handling anything (or anyone) particularly well. So…I’m thinkin’ we need to have a Leap Year Contest! Winner gets their pick from any book on my website bookshelf (Cupcake Club books included! ) of giveaways, and for all the lovely notes in support of the Cupcake Club series. Does it have different stories, or different details to the stories? Also…why was Granny so keen on August and his motorcycle? ) and get on with the final Release Month Giveaway!! This week, TWO lucky Happening Blog Babes will win a copy of any book from my website bookshelf (including the Cupcake Club romances) and ONE lucky grand prize winner will receive both Cupcake Books AND a little cupcake treat package, including gorgeous designer cupcake wrappers, fun flag toppers, and an adorable silicone Valentine cupcake pan! So, we’ll leave the Morning After Commentary (MAC) for below and just get right down to giving-away-free-stuff business! Send along a few title ideas in case I’m out of your first choice. As we lead up to the always festive (and never fattening) Valentine’s Day, I think it’s my duty as a cupcake baker to contribute to the fun and frivolity! I’ll post photos of the prize package in tomorrow’s blog. Just drop an email to [email protected] “Still a Happening Blog Babe…still want to WIN! I will draw three winners from the stack and announce them right here, next Monday. AND we get a whole extra day in release month this year. I have your address, so will be shipping out your prize along with the rest of the February winners. And thanks to everyone who so enthusiastically participated in this month’s plethora (yeah, I said it! Will Henry see there is something different about it? Will be interesting to see what happens there, and not just because of the MM/David elements. Okay, okay….we’ll leave today’s MAC here (tune in tomorrow for Good Wife, Amazing Race, and Man Candy Monday MAC! Also ~ If you already have either of the books, please feel free to select an alternate choice from my Bookshelf. This week, TWO lucky Happening Blog Babes will win a copy of any book from my website bookshelf (including the Cupcake Club romances) and ONE lucky grand prize winner will receive both Cupcake Books AND a little cupcake treat package, including gorgeous designer cupcake wrappers, fun flag toppers, and an adorable silicone Valentine cupcake pan!Sharon and her mother moved to Genoa City when Sharon was 18.