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While Kanazawa claims that the former error is "merely linguistic" and that he addressed the latter two in his initial article, In May 2011, he published an article in Psychology Today that explored why black women had been rated less attractive than those of other races in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.

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I mean I can’t even be bothered to give actual more examples of how Asian men are pretty much shunned in every single movie there is.

You can observe for yourself, next movie you watch with some asian guys, check out the messages they are sending out to people.

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With this being said, I will try to calm down a little and talk about my own experience. It was unexpected and I myself never imagined I might end up falling for a Chinese man, not because of what I saw or heard, it just didn’t cross my mind.I find that even black men love to jump on this bullshit stereotypes of Asian men, their endowment and love making, its just racism, racial prejudice all over for men having too much competition to deal with so they don’t want to cut Asian guys a fricken break in movies and give them the damn lead roles, and sex them up and hook them up with whoever damn it, coz let me tell ya.Women who exclude Asian men from their partner list because of what they have heard, or their own prejudices, are MISSING OUT BIG TIME.I am a Chinese, for their own ideal and career, with loneliness and solitude, arrived in Africa the magic and fertile land.My body reveals the Chinese unique temperament: bear hardships and stand hard work, be humble, talk humor, the sentiment is single-minded, and perhaps only Chinese man does the…Right now (October 2013) I’m living together with my Cantonese boyfriend and his parents.