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Birth Name: Travis Lazarus Mc Coy Place of Birth: Geneva, New York, U. Date of Birth: August 6, 1981 Travie is the son of Julie A. Travie’s paternal grandfather was Homer Lee Mc Coy. She might be related, or perhaps married to one of Travie’s relatives. K52X-N58 I looked up all people listed under “possible relatives” with the surname Champion on other public records, and determined using the birth date if they were most likely siblings or parents.

As a child, Natalie was educated at the in Chiswick.

It was there she developed various interpersonal skills like speaking and creative writing.

Maddie tries to use Tony's magic show to win Daniel's affection back; The Principal seems to be on to Emma; Lily finds out The Principal's awful secret of turning students and facility members into frogs and keeping them as part of her "collection", but before she can warn Emma, she must fend off angry Maddie.

Andi has to keep "playing Panther" in an effort to get the Hexoren back, Maddie threatens to turn Andi into a pair of high heel shoes when she finds out she doesn't have Beau in exchange for the Hexoren, Beau wants to be turned back into lizard so he can reunite with his family.

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During her first sleepover with Andi, strange things continue to happen when Andi comes up with a strange solution: Emma is a witch!

Emma and Maddie have a hard time mastering their powers after discovering that they are witches.

Meanwhile, the Sharks set off a smoke bomb to get out of taking a test but things quickly get out of hand.

Log in to Reply “Please stop.” — Why the fuck are you so riled up? They just thought that Tyga shared similar heritage since they’re cousins. Interesting because I always KNEW quite clearly he’s black…

Goddamn, people on here so fucking sensitive and retarded. Since he’s from new York I assumed his parents were carrivbean immigrants what I didn’t k iw was the “other” in him.