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You can also rename the resource that is considered "stale". You need to do a hard refresh that bypasses the browser cache. But it still shows up when searching for this problem. why did I have to do this to get chrome to update my new css changes? I even cleared all the history for the url before trying this.If you're using the latest Chrome and opening the website in an incognito window, Chrome doesn't even have access to its cache.You could also just completely disable the cache by opening the developer tools, open its settings (gear icon) and turning the option on.I think this is either the date I uploaded my old Gravatar, or the date I signed up for Gravatar.The browser must be seeing that and thinking "oh, this new file has the same last-modification date, so I'll just use the cached one still." It's a bug if Chrome is doing that on a refresh ignoring cache, but it's a bug for Gravatar to send the wrong last-modification as well. :)I load scripts asynchronously from javascript, and Chrome seems to continue to use cached versions even after ctrl-f5, etc. But another solution is to open an Incognito window (ctrl-shift-n), as it will Incognito mode will not use the cache.Most times a simple force cache refresh won't work and you need to clear the cache by hand.

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This is not the same as a normal refresh (ctrl-r on Windows) that does not bypass the [email protected] ... maybe that should be added to the chrome's bug list. @Ian Browsers keep css in the local cache to speed up browsing.The only way to force relying on the cache (without the browser even asking for possible changes) seems to be clicking a link on the web page, or by following a bookmarked link, or by going into the URL location bar and hitting Return there (Command L, Return).I am experiencing this weird issue where my Chrome browser keeps loading a old version of my website whose code doesn't even exist on my server any more. I tried to clean the browser cache, use igcognito mode, and clean DNS cache. This issue seems to have been discussing on this google group for three years but there is still no solutions. topic/chrome/x R-6YAkc ASQ Using firefox or any other web browsers works perfectly. All my coworkers experience the same issue on my website.I guess I could manually clear out the cache, but if there is a keyboard command to do it I'd like to know what it is (since it would be helpful for web development too).should do "Reloads your current page, ignoring cached content." If it is not working, you can file a bug report, but it looks like quite a few other people are having the same issue.