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It's really messing with me and making me wonder if this is a joke or not. Hi, Yes, Ghana is the hotbed for online dating scams. Will try to get as much info as I can so I can report.
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Combat ptsd and dating

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Sex...a subject that I haven't found to be mentioned on some of these blogs with authors who are spouses living with someone who has PTSD/TBI.Aren't we all grown ups and can speak of such a subject without the blushing, or the inward eye roll?

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First and foremost, PTSD does not automatically make someone “crazy.” I’ve noticed that when I actually tell another person he has PTSD, I’ll sometimes see that look in their eyes: Oh no, he is going to go bananas! For the length of his deployment this was one key to survival. It’s especially noticeable when he is in large groups of people. He never wants to leave another vet helpless or feeling lost.But even so, living with someone with PTSD and a TBI can be like living with Dr. Hyde, where anything could be a trigger and you are never quite sure which side of him you’re going to encounter.During the first three years of our relationship, we were forced to deal with some extremely stressful circumstances, including my husband being imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit.I always try just to be that listening ear he needs.We have recently gotten to a point in the last four years where he is more open about his thoughts with me.He’s more willing to share what it’s like in his mind.