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Romance comics, as a genre, don’t take up much shelf space these days, but the worlds of superheroes, aliens, criminals and gun-toting raccoons feature plenty of love stories, and they always have.

Superman and Lois Lane have had a will-they-or-won’t-they relationship for almost 80 years.

They prove that sometimes Thor’s hammer is the best way to deliver Cupid’s arrow.

Alana and Marko In “Saga,” Alana and Marko are pretty much the Romeo and Juliet of comics in the colorful sci-fi universe brought to life by writer Brian K. Marko is part of a horned race from Wreath, a moon that orbits Landfall, home to Alana’s race of winged folks. Alana and Marko met when Marko was a prisoner and Alana was a guard.

Garfield is an American comic strip created by Jim Davis.

Published since 1978, it chronicles the life of the title character, the cat Garfield; Jon, his owner; and Jon's dog, Odie.

Erksine at that moment and the formula of the treatment, which was never completely written down, was lost forever.

Deciding to make the best of their one successful subject, the US government decided to make Rogers an elite counter-intelligence agent who could also be an ideal propaganda mascot to oppose Nazi Germany's frightening head of Terrorist activities: The diabolical Red Skull.

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He was opposed by the Freedom Fighters, a motley crew that operated out of their secret base of Knothole inside the Great Forest.Over time it adopted a much darker, more serious tone.While actually tacking down when the comic started moving from gags to serious plots and drama is a bit difficult, the most certain turning point was the End Game story arc leading up to issue 50, where Sally was killed off...The team was composed of only a few children, namely Sonic and his friends, and led by the princess of the kingdom, Sally Acorn.Beyond this and a few other background details, the story and tone diverged greatly between them. To see Batman beat up a clown, Galactus eat a planet or zombies eat everybody?