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Kennesaw State University is committed to creating and maintaining a campus environment free from all forms of interpersonal violence.

Consolidating with great lakes

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The Great Lakes region, as distinct from the Great Lakes Basin, defines a unit of sub-national political entities defined by the U. states and the Canadian Province of Ontario encompassing the Great Lakes watershed, and the states and Province bordering one or more of the Great Lakes.Prior to European settlement, Iroquoian people lived around Lakes Erie and Ontario, Algonquian peoples around most of the rest, and a variety of other indigenous nation-peoples including the Lakotan, Ojibwa, Illinois, Pottawatmie, Huron, Shawnee, Erie, Fox, Miami, Crow and Ho-Chunk (Winnebago).

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The program was expanded in 2010 under the Obama administration and now includes loan forgiveness to those who qualify.

The crew of two sat in tandem in separate cockpits, with the observer in the rear cockpit armed with a single flexibly mounted machine gun, and the pilot with a single fixed synchronized machine gun firing through the aircraft's propeller arc.

Its bombload was carried on a crutch under the fuselage that swung down to ensure the bomb would clear the propeller when dropped in a steep dive.

With the first permanent European settlements in the early seventeenth century, all these nation-peoples developed an extensive fur trade with French, Dutch, and English merchants in the St.

Lawrence, Hudson and Mohawk Valleys, and Hudson's Bay, respectively.