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This document is divided into sections that address the most frequently-asked questions about buying a saxophone.One of the biggest decisions you will face will be new vs. modern, so you may want to look those sections over first. From looking at pictures, they seem to have the body of a late 1930's Aristocrat but the low B/Bb guard is slightly different, attaching to the body at only one point instead of two. The metal is really thing and they are nothing to write home about. If your thinking of buying one Id spend my money elsewhere.I believe I did see a thread on the old forum where a tech had reported that Buescher produced a bad batch of Elkharts -- incurable intonation problems -- that pretty much ended the line. Stencilman, since you have all your kids playing Martins, perhaps you can find some other deserving student players who might be pleased with your Elkharts! Lots of pieces are missing and I could probably only get two full horns out of the whole lot. Lots of soldering which is a skill I am not proficient at.They were, arguably, the most popular student model saxophone brand until they were toppled from their throne by Yamaha.

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That's how I got the Handcraft bari for £ else knew what it was or wanted it.

The "Built by Bueschers" I've seen have only been altos and tenors, either 20A/30A or the later 21A/31A altos/tenors that look to have been made in the 40s and 50s.

Earlier horns were either Buescher or Martin stencils.

In around 1930, Bundy began marketing a subsidiary brand of Selmer USA instruments under his own name.

According to The Sax & Brass Book: saxophones, trumpets and trombones in jazz, rock and pop: At first the Bundy line consisted of items imported into the US from various sources, some of good quality, but later Selmer made their own Bundy instruments in the US.