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And now that the Justice Department set a precedent last year by allowing these first legal pot laws to go into effect, marijuana policy reformers in other states are looking more intently at the best way to proceed. While it now has the forces of capitalism behind it -- one study has predicted a billion industry by 2018 and steps may soon be taken to further normalize the marijuana business -- legalization is also becoming widely accepted as a social justice issue.

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Nick Santoro, 26, a marketing coordinator for an engineering firm, was roped into attending by his friend Paul Lee, 30, a university administrator from Oakland. "It's attractive, instead of chasing someone, to be chased." There is also an appeal, he indicated, in not having to make a commitment.Santoro just happened to be one of the first men Garrett approached. Older women don't build their worlds around younger men, he said, because they have careers, full lives and friends."I'm trying to get cougars out of the closet." Garrett, a divorced entrepreneur accustomed to taking risks, had no trouble with that. I'm probably the youngest guy here." Lee said role reversal is the key.She drove 102 miles each way, from Granite Bay, near Sacramento, to the Danville singles party, in her bid for a date. I love hearing that," she purred, flashing a mane of blond hair and a white smile. Us cougars, we hunt all over." The crowd was about 80 percent women, many of them in their 50s, and about 20 percent men, who ranged in age from their mid-20s to their 60s. "Younger women tend to not know what they want, whereas older women do," he said.Join Elite Singles Filipino dating today and see who you could meet.As the American Filipino community continues to grow rapidly, it should be easy to meet Filipino singles, right? Meeting Filipino singles who are seeking a long-term relationship can be difficult, which is why it makes sense to come to a platform where everyone is searching for the same thing.

Despite our reputation for diversity and openness, the Bay Area is, in fact, hopelessly insular, fragmented into microniches defined by neighborhood, class, race, sexual orientation, and hobby--even the kind of dog you own and the car you drive.

More than 100 guests looking for liaisons, if not love, paid each to mingle at the East Bay's first "Single Cougars Party," an event sponsored by the Society of Single Professionals, billed as the world's largest nonprofit for singles.

The aim, according to society founder Rich Gosse, was to help break the age taboos against older women dating younger men.

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Here's an excerpt.***Which Microniche Are You In?