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Dating a kentucky quilt

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You will note that each reply contains more than 10 volumes, and I must admit as a librarian I knew that each would be tempted to latch on to the word title and add just a few more of their favorites that could not be omitted! Cuesta Benberry — "A Baker's Dozen of Recommended Basic Quilt Books." Over the years, hundreds of quilt books have been published, many of them quite valuable for quilt historians.

Especially useful are the various catalogues of quilt exhibitions, museum collections, quilt patterns, quilt identification guides, state quilt search project books, quilt history texts, books featuring quilt works of a single individual, quilt encyclopedias, the research volumes of AQSG, the Oral Traditions Project, and the Quilt Digest issues.

She also lectures on the history of aprons using examples from her collection of 50 aprons.

She does workshops on quilt dating, hand piecing, and making Scottie block quilt collectibles.

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She's been making quilts for 30 years and gives several lectures on quilt history including one her husband called "The Life and Quilts of Ida Stover Eisenhower", appraising, and collecting (especially textiles featuring dogs).

Commercial blankets or woven coverlets were a more economical bedcovering for most people.

Only the wealthy had the leisure time for quilt making so Colonial quilting was done by only a few.

Edited by Nancy Cameron Armstrong During the CQA/ACC week at Thunder Bay, I had the opportunity to talk at length with many of the new CQSG members and although there was much interest expressed, many were wondering where to start with the vast body of literature that has already been published. The request I mailed was "a list of the first 10 titles you would buy (or if out-of-print, try to locate somewhere) if you were trying to build a collection for the study of quilts." Several of the lists contained original publication dates for titles that are now available in reprints; where there are reprints, of which I am aware, the reprint information is included.

I asked if an article with booklists from "the experts" would be useful? Some titles are out-of-print; these titles may be available in libraries, or-with luck-searches at second-hand stores may bring results.