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If you’re in early dating, don’t hesitate to have a grownup, direct conversation about his readiness to feel deep connection with another woman. And I want to thank and honor you all for sharing so thoughtfully and honestly. But I would like to dig just a little deeper than I did with my initial writing.We’re always incredibly touched by the stories we hear and think it’s wonderful that both are taking steps to seek companionship.However, some bumps along the process could possibly be avoided by not “crossing the border” from widow to divorcee.It deals with the subject of Holly dating again, a very real, wonderful and sometimes challenging step in the grief recovery process.

A man who is truly interested will be fine with taking things slowly, while a man looking for a rebound relationship will be less eager to do so.Most have not, because of the very issues you have raised. My advice here is to a woman who has met one of the “gems” that I introduced to you at the start of this article: one who had a good, long marriage…knows how to love, communicate, commit, work through problems …misses being married…pours himself into [a relationship].(Meaning a relationship with HER.) It is to This Man — the one who knows how to love and is ready to do it again — that I advise a woman to extend kindness, patience and empathy.Dave Aldridge died unexpectedly just four days before Christmas in 2012.The happy husband and father of three was a strong believer who loved the Lord and poured himself into everything he did, from being a husband and father to going the extra mile for anyone who had a need.A woman of deep faith, her family and friends have been helping her establish new routines and traditions.