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Dating and facebook

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Check out the 10 biggest dating mistakes people make on Facebook.1. There’s nothing more exciting and dramatic than an off-and-on relationship.

You fall madly in love — update status to “in a relationship.” You get in a big fight!

phone conversation between a coworker and her long-distance boyfriend that had too many expletives to recount here.

The nexus of the issue was something I've heard repeatedly from other women, and the censored version goes a little something like this: And so on. It's one thing to deal with this kind of nonsense in high school, but no one over 25 needs to be saddled with this type of tomfoolery.

Using Facebook to get back at the person who broke your heart — by writing accusatory wall notes or tagging photos where they look ugly — is just immature.

Get revenge on your ex by deflating his tires or “forgetting” to forward his final jury duty reminder.

The impressions and emotions that you experience may be entirely different from the way you feel in person. Define these things by real interactions and real impressions.

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It can get you fired or evicted, plunge you into debt with its addictive games, and even (yeah, right) infect you with syphilis.When You're In a Relationship:—Delete the photos of your last relationship before you add a new love interest. You wouldn't leave a photo of you and your ex on your bedside table the first time you bring your new girl home, would you? Start with a clean slate.—Do not ever Facebook friend your guy's ex.If he's still hanging out with his ex on a regular basis, that's a whole other post.—Don't Like a selfie posted by someone you've dated in the past, unless it's a funny one.As for the rest of us, we need to work on our social media manners. No more gray areas, fine lines, or confusion about what constitutes appropriate behavior on social media.Whether you're the boyfriend, the girlfriend, or the Girl With Sexy Photos Who Interacts With Other People's Boyfriends on Social Media, here's how to behave...These forms of communication have begun taking the place of personal interactions.