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Most popular toward the end of the 19th century, close-grained oak was often quarter-sawn, or cut to promote a particularly even grain, reducing the possibility of warping and increasing durability.Mahogany, teak and cherry also appear in old desks, but from 1900 on, most desks were oak.Determining the exact age of any piece of antique furniture can be challenging.Depending on information provided by the piece itself, you may be able to come within a few years of dating it or may have to settle for a span of 50 years or longer.Printed in 1939, it has an old worn linen cover, fragile binding, and yellowed pages throughout. tell you this much; she was as good as any handyman around! He tells me that it originally came from his aunt’s home, who had 5 girls. Grand Rapids, Michigan (also New York, New York, and Chicago, Illinois) SEE ALSO American School Furniture Co.(GRSFCo.) Listed below COMPANY HISTORY 1886: Grand Rapids School Furniture Company founded.

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She was one of the first women designers, and she is considered a mother of invention for her innovative brand of desk.

A wide variety of resources can help you come close to dating an antique roll-top desk.

Take a thorough set of measurements for your desk, including height, depth and width of both the bottom desk and the tambour, or roll-top.

1983: Company is purchased by Georgia-based Fuqua, Inc.

1987: Management-led buy-out returns headquarters to Grand Rapids. Probably the names most associated with American Seating were the master carvers in its Church Division.