People dating a divorced father with kids

They did have input into the decision-making process, and did meet their future spouses a few times before making any commitments, but the process was directed by their parents.
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Dating bronze age axe heads

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The blade expands out into a concentric cutting edge, which is extremely worn.

The axe is 135.10mm long, and is 24.95mm wide, 7.95mm thick at the butt end, with the damaged flange increasing the thickness to 21.21mm.

Bronze Age (c.1500-1400BC) cast copper alloy primary shield pattern palstave, dating to the Acton Park Phase 137.5 mm L x 53.5mm W Early Bronze Age and early Middle Bronze Age, c.The available evidence points to a chronological evolution from simple naturalistic themes to more complicated and fantastic creations.There are several categories of objects that display the Luristan style.The variety of tools, weapons, vessels and ornaments at the disposal of Bronze Age man was immensely greater than that known to his Stone Age forebears.It is the material expression of enrichment of life and extended control over nature.Highlights include the reconstructed face of a Neolithic woman from Shepperton, a resin copy of the Dagenham Idol (the original is in the Valence House museum in Dagenham itself) and a partial reconstruction of the interior of an Iron Age roundhouse.