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It’s a common story to see foreign men under the throes of slavery, being asked to do some menial chore every five minutes in the house.

You can down to the shopping malls and have a good time just watching them pass by. They’re also obsessed by the tele-novela culture and often want to eat up all your time.

However, if you are not coming from Latin America and you are still eager to date a sexy colombian woman, you probably need to think about learning more about latin culture and traditions.

Colombian families, as a typical example of latin families, usually are large with extended family which also play an important role in their daily life.

For that reason you won’t read anything in this story that stereotypes the women here, nothing that says they’re all bossy or jealous, even though they are traits you might find in some of them.

I’m not even going to use percentages because I’ve never taken a poll so how would I know?