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5W Single Speaker Guitar Combo Speakers: oval 5"x7" or 1x10" Jensen? mic.): 2 Channels: 1 Volume Controls: 1 Tone Controls: No Tremolo: No Tubes: 3 (Pre (1x6SJ7), Pow (1x6V6 5Y3) (same as the GA-7 Les Paul TV)) Preamp Tubes: 1x6SJ7 Phase splitter Tubes: Output Tubes: 1x6V6 Rectifier Tubes: 5Y3 Watts Output: 4 Shipping Totals: 1954: 1158, 1955: 2947, new style from 1956 Harmony Central Review GA5 Harmony Central Review LP Junior Harmony Central Review Les Paul Junior Combo Schematic with 1x 6SJ7, 1x 6V6 & 1x 5Y3 (Gibson) Schematic with 1x 6SJ7, 1x 6V6 & 1x 5Y3 (Joe Piazza) Schematic Fender 5C1 Champ Amp (Fender Musical Instruments) Sized 11 1/2 x 13 1/2 x 7 inches (ebay, June 21, 2003) The Gibson amplifier model GA-5 has had many incarnations.

Guitar Combo with Reverb and Tremolo Speakers: Inputs: Channels: Volume Controls: Tone Controls on Each Channel: Tremolo: Yes Reverb: Yes Tubes: Pre (2x6EU7, 1x12AU7) Extension Speaker Jack: Monitor Jack: Watts Output: Shipping Totals: Harmony Central Review GA4RE Reverb/Echo Schematic Pre-amp with 2x 6EU7 & 1x 12AU7 (Gibson) Rate the GA-4RE...

Within one year earned a huge reputation and the nickname “Slowhand”.

The Bluesbreakers recorded the album in April 1966 and Clapton used a Marshall Series 2 1962 JTM 45 combo with KT 66 tubes.

14W 1x10" Guitar Combo with Tremolo Speaker: 10" Inputs: 3 Channels: 1 Volume Controls: 1 Tone Controls on Each Channel: 1 Tremolo: Depth, frequency Tubes: 5 (2x12AX7, 2x6V6, 5Y3 or Pre (1x7025), Pow (1x6V6 PAIR 5Y3)) Extension Speaker Jack: No Monitor Jack: No Watts Output: 14 Shipping Totals: 1959: 1092, 1960: 949, 1961: 114 Harmony Central Review GA16T Maestro Viscount Combo Schematic with 2x12AX7, 2x6V6, 1x5Y3 Push-pull 6V6s; like a 6G2 Fender Princeton; Viscount has basic Gibson tremolo oscillator (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003) Rate the GA-16T Viscount... Like the Fender tweeds it is easiest to use the guitar volume to to control the degree of overdrive. GA-19RVT Falcon] amp (see fourth through eighth pic).

1x10" Guitar Combo with Reverb and Tremolo Speakers: 1x10" Inputs: 2 Channels: 1 Volume Controls: 1 Tone Controls on Each Channel: None Tremolo: Frequency Reverb: Yes Tubes: 6 (2x6EU7, 12AX7, 2x6AQ5, 6CA4 (correspond to Epiphone EA-33RVT Galaxie) or Pre (2x6EU7, 1x7025), Pow (1x6AQ5 PAIR 6CA4)) Diodes: 0 Extension Speaker Jack: No Monitor Jack: No Watts Output: Shipping Totals: 1963: 527, 1964: 1681, 1965: 1746, 1966: 18, 1967: 1 Harmony Central Review GA17RVT Harmony Central Review GA17RVT Scout Harmony Central Review Scout Schematic Push-pull 6AQ5s; no close Fender model; Sort of a GA-30RVT with 6AQ5s (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003) 196x [GA-17T? It does not matter if you are using humbuckers or single coils it is a great sound. Original footswitch[.] Like a 12" Princeton Reverb at 1/3 the price!! It has reverb and variable tremolo, that both work great with the original foot switch.

I’m really looking forward to your comments, so let me know which songs and amps you would include in this list. Song: Artist: Dick Dale The unmistakable sound of surf guitar was created by Dick Dale’s Fender stratocaster and a Fender Showman amp.

I was asked to write a post for My Rare, so I thought I’d write about some famous songs and amplifiers.

; modified GA-16T, plus Bass and Treble controls, plus reverb, with transformer PI (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003) I also like the GA-15 RVT Explorer, which has a 10" speaker, a single channel, and a simpler tremolo circuit [than the GA-20 RVT Minuteman]. A perfect 10, if you have been around and know what good tone is.It has a note at the top of the page that they were reprinting with permission from the authors of Ampeg: The Story Behind the Sound, ©1999, published by Hal Leonard.If anyone feels this page should be taken down, please feel free to contact me.I really like it and think this is a collectable amp that I will gig and record with. ( March 28, 2003) Rate the GA-15 Maestro (two-tone)...14-16W 1x12" Guitar Combo with Reverb Speakers: 1x12" Inputs: 2 2 Channels: 2 Volume Controls: 2 Tone Controls on Each Channel: Bass, treble Tremolo: No Reverb: Yes Tubes: 7 (3x6EU7, 12AU7, 2x6V6, 5Y3) Extension Speaker Jack: No Monitor Jack: No Watts Output: 14-16 Shipping Totals: 1961: 135 Harmony Central Review GA-15R Rate the GA-15RV Maestro (tweed)... Shipping Totals: 1959: 1421 Harmony Central Review GA18 Explorer Rate the GA-18 Explorer (Tweed)...This model was later upgraded to the GA1RVT with an additional tube / transformer to operate the reverb. Add a driver pedal to the front end for a little overload and wonderful sonic breakup begins to occur (especially if the amp's been powered up for an hour or two already) Also, with a removable jumper circuit, I'm able to power the 10" speaker that came in most LP Jr.'s for a little help in the volume dept.