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Büttner G., Steenmans C., Bossard M., Feranec J., Kolár J. (eds) Remote Sensing for Environmental Data in Albania: A Strategy for Integrated Management.

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Over the years, as a teacher I’ve taken many conflict resolution courses. How could anyone learn from, “I feel bad” or “What you did to me was bad”? Really identify how you feel: betrayed or disappointed? The more specific you are, the more information you give your partner, and the more doors become open to resolution. Look at the last two, they’re usually the most honest. Maybe your partner, if it’s a really crucial argument, could ask why, or could start to understand what’s going on with you. It sounds like you’re not paying attention to the times your partner is not doing what you accused.

They were invaluable to me and helped to improve my relationships with my family, friends and my then-spouse. Start to speak in low, not quite hushed, but quiet tones. During training, I’ve heard some lecturers advise couples to hold hands, or rub each other’s backs, (but at that point, I’d guess the situation is resolved). It also immediately puts the other on the defensive by stating the obvious: “I don’t ALWAYS do that!

Many people believe a good relationship is one where no one fights. Of course I don’t believe that picking fights, or constant disagreement, makes for hopeful partnerships, but I do believe that with healthy conflict comes resolution—and that is the mark of a solid relationship. If two people are focused on solving their problems and resolving conflicts, they are off to a positive start. Those are clear markers of a bad relationship, and if you are in the midst of any of those experiences, please seek help and get yourself out of the situation.

I’ll start by saying that I’m obviously not talking about toxic behavior, abuse or neglect.

It’s in the management of those unique perspectives that we have what could be called conflict. Two married people who have ignored their conflict for so long that they have grown more and more distant from one another.

However, the management of that conflict can turn out to be a stair step raising you to a higher and higher level of marital satisfaction every time you manage the conflict well. Conflict is good if conflict comes out and two people deal with it effectively. But beyond that, when they have that kind of conflict, both people participate in the building of a larger and larger relationship, a relationship bigger than either of their lives. If you don’t know if you have the capacity as two persons who are dating to manage your conflict effectively, to resolve it systematically and consistently, then you’re not ready to get married.

" You can say what feels natural for you; but the reason I recommend this is because people usually have a reason why they've done or said something.

When you address your partner with thoughtful questions, it's much easier to see where communication broke down, and to proceed with resolving the conflict fairly and productively.

When two people come into my office and they’re thinking about being married, I always look for the amount of respect that they have for one another.

Whenever you put two unique individuals together you’re going to have two persons who don’t come at every situation in exactly the same way.

He has grown up around two unique individuals and she has grown up around two unique individuals. As a matter of fact, they’re going to have all kinds of places where the two of them take a unique perspective on things.

I really believe, although we didn’t know about this in Iowa where we grew up, that my mother was depressed. And we don’t think we’re ever really going to have any.” I’m thinking to myself, “Okay then, you’re not ready to get married. “What I try to say to them is conflict is inevitable in any relationship. The fact that you haven’t had it has not given you a chance to determine whether you have one of the most important skills of all for marriage: whether you know how to resolve your conflict.

That almost always happens to a person who allows another person to control them. Unfortunately, in religious circles, often times two people who think that conflict is bad will choose to ignore the conflict in the interest of making the relationship seem like it is working. Before I give you this plan I want to mention the most important single factor in two persons being able to manage their conflict: respect.