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Arab Muslims conquered the empire in the seventh century AD, ultimately leading to the displacement of the indigenous faiths of Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism with Islam.

Dating painted dials

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It's interesting to reflect that 5 years ago the same Grandfather, or to use the proper term, 'Longcase' clock was retailing at about £1,200.

North Country clocks offer similar potential with prices starting at £500.

If you happen to be considering buying a Grandfather clock you couldn't have chosen a better time (no pun intended).

As far as Bonhams clock expert James Stratton is concerned the market is simply awash with bargains where £1,500 buys real value for money.

The dial is full and lacks the unnecessary winding squares.But, they are seldom found with thick, unpolished cases or perfectly faded hands and dials.There are a lot of really bad 1016’s out there, and because Explorers are inherently less common than Subs or GMTs, dealers charge a lot for them. The 1016 is a superb entry-level vintage Rolex, but my advice would be look for something special.When this site was first written, these seventies Speedmasters were trading around 00 and up – and the top condition 1970’s Speedmasters were not appreciated to the extent they are now.I grouped all of them in the same price category, which now does not serve us well, so I have separated them in the price chart.The Rolex Explorer is often overshadowed by the Subs, the GMT’s, and certainly the Daytonas - those watches that always bring down good money at auctions and were worn by dictators, diplomats, and an assortment of just really, really cool guys.