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Respect for both oneself and others is a key characteristic of healthy relationships.

In contrast, in unhealthy relationships, one partner tries to exert control and power over the other physically, sexually, and/or emotionally.

Employees have asserted claims for sexual harassment based on the theory that they can't receive the same benefits because they are not "sleeping with the boss." However, most courts have rejected this argument because such a consensual relationship disadvantages both male and female employees equally.

A historically black university near Houston, its athletic department and a former coach are grappling with issues relating to ‘dating relationships’ among teammates.

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Often, an employee will argue that he or she was an unwilling participant in a relationship that merely appeared to be consensual.Naturally there are some seniors who will seek companionship and new relationships and this will mean entering the dating world at a much older age.Sometimes there is resistance among the children of a senior seeking a new relationship.Prairie View’s Athletic Compliance Director Monique Carroll states, “According to the information that’s published online and in our student athlete handbook, it is the head coach’s responsibility to develop team policies for his or her sport.”And that’s exactly what Coach Brown did.She created the following rule for the team: According to Brown’s statement, she developed the rule after an assistant coach was fired last August for having an inappropriate relationship with a player.While 29 percent of heterosexual youth surveyed reported being physically abused by dating partners, for example, 42.8 percent of LGB youth reported the same.