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We don’t live in caves; we buy our meat at the supermarket ready to eat and don’t use brute force to protect ourselves because we’ve got locks on our doors, home security systems and CCTV.However, having the capacity to out-think, out-perform and/or out-spend whatever adverse force that’s affecting you and your loved ones will.They know it’s a tall order (pun intended) but they’re up for the challenge. And if you’ve accepted that a woman can make more money than her partner or a dad can stay home and take care of baby while the mom brings home the bacon, or it’s OK for men to cry, then you must reconcile with the fact that it’s fine for the man to be shorter than the woman.Short men are also the best men because there’s more of them. six feet or taller), you have reduced the pool of eligible men (in the US) by 80%. Even if you were the most desirable woman in the world, by reducing your pool to 20% you are really messing up your chances of finding someone compatible. But if the guy is comfortable in his own skin – and he will be if he’s flirting with a taller woman—you won’t have to worry about that.With the average American female standing at 165cm, that puts the bar at 185cm. Taller men would have made better protectors back in caveman days, so women evolved a taste for them, Thomas says.Why does she prefer a Blake Griffin over a Tom Cruise? (Primal attraction works both ways: It’s why you’re an ass man, too.)But don’t fret: Not only are there some major Scientific Advantages of Being Short, but you also can get a leg up with these smart dating tips. The wrong clothing can make you look pint-sized, but the right rags can lengthen your look, says Brock Mc Goff of short-guy style blog The Modest Man.The first rule: Get your pants hemmed and your sleeves shortened, Mc Goff says.Bunched fabric around your wrists and ankles will only draw attention to your smaller stature.

Three years ago, Jerome talked to us about To be tall and handsome, is that really the splitting image of every woman’s true desire?The message many women send short men goes something like this: Yeah, sorry, but nothing you could say or do could ever give you a chance with me. For those of you who insist that you’re not attracted to short men, you should, at least, try to have a good reason why you’re not.Men and women both fall prey to the (remarkably persistent) myth that sexual attraction works on auto-pilot, as if we are all preprogrammed to be attracted to the ones who captivate our attention. The type of person you’re attracted to depends largely on your beliefs. My client, Alexis, comes from the most machismo family I can imagine, full of firefighters, Marines, and gobs of Old Spice. In Alexis’ family, she was the only daughter and the men in her family were brawny and tough.BY SARAH JACOBSSON PUREWAL Coming up short in the dating world?Ladies prefer men who are a whopping 20cm taller than they are, according to a recent Dutch study.What would it be like to date someone who is not just short by social standards, but shorter than PLUS: Work on Your Grammar!