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So even if you only have a tiny balcony, you could be harvesting a plethora of fresh, home-grown vegetables all year round. Once fruits have set on the tomatoes and cucumber, feed fortnightly.• Multipurpose, organic, peat-free compost • A wigwam support made from bamboo canes or any strong flexible sticks such as willow How to do it Drill several drainage holes in the base of the container if necessary, fill with compost and push in the wigwam support. LATE SPRING TO EARLY SUMMER You will need • 3 tomato plants (a cordon or staking variety such as ‘Sungold’ or ‘Gardener’s Delight’) • 2 cucumber plants such as ‘Ridge Perfection’ or ‘Rocky’ • Up to 8 lettuce plants How to do it Plant the tomatoes and cucumbers next to a vertical support, evenly spaced apart, and tie in. Place in a sunny, sheltered position and tie the climbing plants into the supports as they grow.The planting suggestions in this booklet are based on a late October first freeze. Use the dates from the previous page as well as the Best Dates below. of warmth to your fall and winter garden by taking advantage of windbreaks and walls.

They can best be described as portable green houses of various designs that work with solar energy to warm the immediate row or plant they are placed over. Ideas range from very stiff wire frames holding glass panes, to clear gallon-size plastic bleach or pop bottles with their bottoms removed. First, on bright sunny winter days they have to be manually ventilated, to prevent excessive heat build up.Watch out for mildew on the cucumber leaves and pinch out sideshoots on the tomatoes regularly to encourage plants to produce more fruit.By late summer, all of these crops will be over and can be removed to make space for the next ones.We chatted for 5 Hours straight, then exchanged numbers before reluctantly coming offline. 3 years later in September 2015 we got married and are living the dream. With flowers in bloom and leaves reappearing back onto trees, it’s the perfect time to be a gardener.Dig up a clump as soon as the flowers fade and divide it.