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Direct indirect dating archaeology tree ring dating worksheet

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The interpretation of a third group of industries referred to as “transitional assemblages” in western and central Europe is much debated.At least in part, these assemblages might have been produced by Neandertal groups that may have survived until c.One of the most heavily debated topics however remains that of their extinction.Neanderthals occupied an immense region of Eurasia, stretching from the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula to the hills of southern Siberia.Neanderthals are without doubt one of the most studied extinct hominin populations in the world.Questions regarding their adaptability, survival skills and cognition have been the focus of many researchers for decades.

Studying the demise of Neanderthals is important in that aspect as it will provide a better understanding and broader insights of the hominin evolution during the Late Pleistocene.By establishing the exact timing of their demise, archaeologists will be able to answer questions regarding the cause of their disappearance.The Neanderthal demise has been dated numerous times, with the focus on direct and indirect dates.The oldest of the lifelike paintings most familiar to fans of rock art is the truly spectacular Chauvet Cave in France, direct-dated to between 30,000-32,000 years ago.Art in rockshelters is known to have occurred within the past 500 years in many parts of the world, and there is some argument to be made that modern graffiti is a continuation of that tradition.Researchers who previously aimed to date their demise concluded that the Mousterian had ended by 41-39ka cal.