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Chinese traditionally celebrated the start of a new year of farm work, and wished/prayed for a good harvest.
Let me tell you what cooking, dating, sports, and study have in common. I notice problems happen when I force myself to hold on to a feeling. What if you force yourself to hang on to the feeling of winning for a long time and then drop down to the baseline? David lived through a heart bypass surgery, wasn’t in the best shape, but was confident as hell with women over the years. When a loss happens, it’s a hard path back to baseline because he hasn’t prepared himself for losing WHILE he was winning. I had my minor share of C’s and even a D (my physics comeback). To me, it wasn’t too far from the High School experience. Joe on the other hand and several people like him that breezed through high school on talent were hit hard emotionally.

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Hvert kromosompar har ett kromosom fra mor og ett kromosom fra far.I disse kromosomene ligger genene våre, som er selve arvestoffet, og som går i arv fra generasjon til generasjon.

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