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Scroll down for more I wonder if, subconsciously, she was feeling defensive about her spectacular upstaging of the bride.
Iva Dietrich of Medicine Hat, passed away on Monday, January 27th, 2014 at the age of 90 years.

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Eugene Lee Yang is a You Tube personality known for his filmmaking skills and his unfiltered views about the evils that prevail in the American society.But on a lighter note, this social media beau has a way of subtly slipping in humor in every second sentence he frames and without even trying, makes his way into his fans’ hearts.

With Eugene off the market, that just leaves Sung Yuri (former member) in the dwindling group of still available idols-turned-serious actress."As the filming came to a close, I realized that she was different from most people and saw the world with a pure heart and I developed close feelings for her," said Ki, who recently played Doctor Jang Min Woo in "To The Beautiful You." At first, not being able to date publicly made it difficult for them to see each other, but from the beginning they were serious about their commitment.They finally married in July 2011 at Seoul Central Church, taking their three-week honeymoon in Europe.From all accounts Ki Tae Young is a real gentleman and dedicated professional in the industry.I’m totally psyched for the wedding, the guest list is bound to be insanely star-studded.When singer-turned-actress Eugene and her actor Ki Tae Young first met, it wasn't exactly love at first sight. "But I knew we had to be friendly for the sake of the drama, so I approached him first." Dating rumors began while they were filming the drama but they were just exchanging friendly texts.