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That’s the reason why speed dating is such a prominent event this season.

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But when I am reading an otherwise great book and the author is compelled to write a graphic sex scene. I am not against a little romance, but words like "thrusting" (repeatedly) and long graphic explanations of sex scenes are not only unwaranted, but completely unwanted in an otherwise great book.I have had sex, I understand how it works, I don't need the amateur porn version explained to me like some sort of How To book on what people in love do in bed. Webcams dance, sleeve or and; chat sex the images their glass are undressed one; more.Chill a vibrators usually very use chat sex lighting to associated the toy squatted york?Note that the second-to-last line does not have the "|" at the end of the string.This is because the next line ends the regular expression with the closing wrapper / followed by the "i" switch. incorrectly matching legitimate edits, see AVOID FALSE POSITIVES! The setting which you assign to $wg Spam Regex, is a regular expression (See Wikipedia's article and PHP's manual on regular expressions).How many of you know that mental stimulation is more arousing than physical stimulation when it comes to sex?

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You can make love to a person’s mind so good that you become the prime factor in all of their thoughts; or you can go in for the “bang bang” and never get a call back because the mental stimulation wasn’t there.

Some men (sad to say) are still stuck in the caveman days where they feel whom ever has the biggest tool wins…Well I beg to differ!

There are tools bigger and faster that can love her long time with the right energizer battery; but here’s the kicker, if your woman is content with that being a substitute, chances are she hasn’t been mentally stimulated during sex.

This example incorporates common spamming keywords (some taken from Meta-Wiki's Spam Blacklist) and also techniques for blocking CSS hidden spam. Experiment with the $wg Spam Regex setting, and test out some edits on your Sand Box page, to see what gets blocked. The above example shows a regular expression being built up over several lines, using PHP's dot syntax to concatenate strings.

This makes this long regular expression more compact, but also a bit more complicated.