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This explains how water can be transported from the roots of a tree to the leaves. Drawtex is a super-absorbent dressing that works against gravity.

The Leva Fiber Electrostatic action occurs when the negatively charged Drawtex wound dressing comes into contact with the wound exudate.

The NPs were attached to the cotton pad by adsorption at different extent depending on the types of nanoparticles.

The adsorption and release of nanoparticles on and from cotton pads were also dependent on the types of nanoparticles.

Through ongoing collaboration with medical organizations and medical professionals to patients and families, we identify clinical needs and translate them into proven products and procedures.

This commitment to you can be seen in our advanced wound care products.

Similar to some fabrics that are used in athletic clothing and some types of socks, some dry dressings are made from materials that spread any wound exudate laterally over the entire fabric, rather than just soak through the material at the wound’s wettest spots.

This process, called wicking, can be found in a number of dry dressings, such as Medline’s ABD Pads and Smith and Nephew’s Exu-Dry pads, which can replace layers of gauze with one multi-layer contourable dressing.


The antibacterial cotton fibers/nanoparticles (cotton fibers/NPs) composite pads were prepared, and nanoparticle binding/release tests were performed.Wound exudate is all too often perceived as a clinical management problem.While this can be the case, it should be recognized that exudate does fulfill an important function in the healing process.Ions from the exudate form a mobile layer of the opposite charge known as the electric double layer, effectively reversing the charge on the surface of the dressing to become positive. This allows the dressing to draw out a relatively large amount of exudate, devitalised tissue, bacteria and deleterious chemical mediators. Luckily, many dressings have been developed that incorporate odor-capturing ingredients, such as carbon and charcoal, which help to minimize any pungent smells from wound healing.