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Hundreds of suggestions poured in from parents from all over the country.

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When we meet somebody in person, we have hundreds of thousands of verbal and non-verbal clues to give us an intuitive grasp of who we’re talking to and whether or not we’re into them long before we go up and introduce ourselves.Everything from how they stand to how they talk, who they talk to, how they act around their friends, how they smell, even the pitch and timbre of their voice indicate whether or not we’re likely to have an initial attraction to them that would prompt us to make that all-important first approach.We thought we might be friends or pen pals at best.We met as she drove through my town on a visit to see her son's family.The words begin to flow (either from them or perhaps from you to them) as you share with excitement how much they match what you have been seeking.The excitement is heightened when the other person responds and they share your excitement.

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You certainly don't whistle back -- or go and start a conversation! It signals ambivalence and/or arrogance -- not decisiveness and determination.

“Hearts begin to pound and your mind races as you send emails blazing back and forth.” Perhaps there are times when one will use these words ‘knowing’ the power of them and the motivation is to manipulate and take advantage of the other person’s emotions.

However, I believe that most of the time the words come pouring forth in sincerity and honesty.

So here are some of the most obvious online dating "flags" I suggest you use to steer clear of players and time-wasters: 1. Beware if he sends you a "wink" or a "smile" instead of a properly written e-mail.

I guarantee that the man who will ultimately want to marry you will not send you a "wink." Please don't be fooled into thinking he's "shy" or just intimidated by your fabulousness.