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Sometimes a breast cancer can spread to lymph nodes under the arm or around the collar bone and cause a lump or swelling there, even before the original tumor in the breast tissue is large enough to be felt. For example, most breast lumps in men are caused by gynecomastia (a harmless enlargement of breast tissue).Still, if you notice any breast changes, you should see a health care professional as soon as possible.New Yorker Molly Borman said her stick-on pasties accentuate the appearance of nipples while also empowering women.“I want women to feel good in their skin, comfortable with their bodies, super-empowered when they wear this product,” the Just Nips founder told The Post.The nipples — which come in sizes “cold” and “freezing” — sell on Borman’s website for .99.

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She said she hopes that women who wear her product feel fun, feminine and sexy, as well as informed about their personal breast health.

"Once I got the hang of Willow, it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I was almost ready to quit pumping, and finding Willow gave me the willpower to continue. I think it would allow women to continue pumping long after they would otherwise stop because of how inconvenient and intrusive other pumps were." "I got an email from a Willow Coach thanking me for joining Willow, and wanting to set up a phone call to make sure I understood how to use it and to answer any questions. It just shows that they really care about their customers." "Willow has been an amazingly empowering experience for me, really supporting my goal to breastfeed my baby for at least one year while having a demanding job.

This is very important, because women who have had one breast cancer are at higher risk of developing a new cancer in the other breast.

While the American Cancer Society does not have specific recommendations or guidelines for mammograms or other breast imaging in women who have been treated for breast cancer, there is information available about what these women will likely need to do.