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Sus rivales se burlan del equipo tico nacional de fútbol, que anda bastante bien, (aquellos que han visto su rendimiento impresionante en el Mundial en Brasil ya lo saben) cantando coros con "putos". La frase más útil es simplemente "Que rico", como en "Que rico tu pinga" o "Que rico tu culo".

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The administration immediately removed the bus driver from his assigned route and placed him on administrative leave pending a decision regarding his employment.

The district is not aware of any allegations involving other students.

Since the opening of the Asakusa shop Dave no longer spends much time in his own workroom in Ome, and the Woodblock Webcam is not currently operational.

It will be replaced - eventually - with new Webcams in the Asakusa workroom, but we haven't got that far yet ... In late 2000 I purchased a 4-story building in Ome in Tokyo that seems to be perfect for my living/working needs.

A small river runs along the rear side of the property, and provides the inspiration for the name of this new 'Seseragi Studio'.

Seseragi has no single-word translation in English, but describes the sound made by shallow water rippling across stones.

As part of the shift, the company announced Wednesday, it will be changing its name to Axon Enterprise and giving out free body cameras to police officers.

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The small-form-factor camera does exactly what it says on the box and offers reliable motion detection and video recording as well as free cloud storage services.Down at the lowest level of the building, there is a small room that looks out over the river, and it is there that I am building my new workroom.It is far from complete, but I am already using it for printmaking work.Maybe you are broadcasting a live speaker, and you have a recorded segment that offers an introduction.Maybe you have a commercial to transmit during a break in the live transmission.For example, including a voice-over or framing as you are broadcasting content live.