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This time around, I’m talking about a report published over the weekend by Brian Deer.Deer, as you might recall, remains the one journalist who was able to crack the facade of seeming scientific legitimacy built up by antivaccine guru Andrew Wakefield and demonstrate that (1) Wakefield’s work concluding that the MMR vaccine was associated with “autistic enterocolitis” was bought and paid for by a solicitor named Richard Barr, who represented British parents looking to sue vaccine manufacturers, to the tune of over £400,000; (2) Wakefield expected to make over £72 million a year selling a test for which Wakefield had filed a patent application in March 1995 claiming that “Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis may be diagnosed by detecting measles virus in bowel tissue, bowel products or body fluids”; and Wakefield’s case series published in The Lancet in 1998 was fraudulent, the equivalent of what Deer correctly characterized as “Piltdown medicine.” Ultimately, these revelations led to Wakefield’s being completely discredited to the point where retracted his paper and even Thoughtful House, the autism quackery clinic in Austin, TX where Wakefield had a cushy, well-paid position as scientific director, had to give him the boot.performed by Nelson (acoustic guitar) and Clark (keyboards) anticipated Nelson's later solo ambient work.

The opposing wall features two ’60s-era paintings by Paul Jasmin. I sold my last Warhol three years ago, here in Jacksonville.” In addition to being an astute art collector, Poole had been a dancer, choreographer, theatrical director, and even chef.“It’s one thing if they say ‘X-rated’ films, or ‘experimental.’ I really thought that I was doing experimental films but I was doing it in a sexual medium. The youngest of three, Poole describes his parents, Walter and Hazel as “very progressive” in their parenting of his sisters Marilyn, Pat, and him. established himself as successful car salesman at Brooks Motors on Laura Street.Why can’t someone make a pornography film that is beautiful to look at and not dirty and something you could be proud of? Poole’s natural inclinations toward independence and curiosity were bolstered by his folks’ lenient attitudes; the nine-year-old Poole was allowed to explore his new surroundings without restriction.(Performing these songs live on the subsequent tour, Fox would physically play these repeating patterns on drums).This sowed the seeds for later experimentation by Nelson.FOLIO A & EA screening of Wakefield Poole’s Bijou is included in The Talkie Series on March 26 at 7 p.m., with live commentary and discussion with Poole and Bruce La Bruce. Sun-Ray Cinema, 5 Points, ; double feature; Rated NC-17, Located on the Arlington River, Wakefield Poole’s two-story townhome is a modest yet well-appointed home.