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"What I realized is, I don't want to be married, because I could not have the life that I created for myself.

Intj and intj dating

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She has been so busy making her career that she hasn't had time for men.Now that she feels secure in her job, she is ready to make a life change. Her problem is that she has no idea how to go about finding a mate.N types generally understand each other better than they understand S types, and vice versa.This is also how David Keirsey matches personality types: common N or S and the same judging functions (Fe, Ti, Fi, Te).INTJs, in addition to reporting the lowest satisfaction in relationships, also rate them as being the least in importance of all the types.

The most important similarity is the N/S dichotomy.

However, the most common view is that couples are more likely to have similar preferences than opposite preferences.

Those couples are also less likely to have problems in the relationship.

When it comes to compatibility of MBTI types, there are lots of contradictory theories out there and each of them claims to have found the right formula.

Some personality theorists say that opposites attract, some say similarities attract, others have a totally different approach.