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Jay naylors original life updating

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I am looking for information on a Johnston (or Johnson /Johnstone) family, believed to be from the Orkneys at approx 1900 - 1920ish.The family had around 12 children, the only two names I have are Olo (Oliver? Isobella would have been born in the 1920's moved to the Dundee area and was a cook at Glamis Castle.The comic, which ran from 2003 until 2009, focused on the life and experiences of Fisk Black, an anthropomorphic cat growing up in Georgia.Although popular, the comic received criticism for its portrayal of controversial subjects, including incest and racism.In 2009, Naylor concluded the comic's storyline, and began work on a spin-off entitled Original Life.Lucy and Sheila were based upon characters created by Mat Sherer for Badly Drawn Kitties.She married a William Williamson lived in Arbroath and had three children of her own.I realise that the information is a bit sketchy to a a starting point would be great. Tony Will be visiting Orkneys in August this year to find out more of the origins of the HEWISON family.

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William married Charlotte Lambert in 1866 at Fort Ellice and they had eleven kids.Aside from keeping the old cast, new characters are introduced.Full Name: fisk Artist Type: Anthro Artist Registered since: Apr 10th, 2007 Current mood: accomplished Artist Profile: Hello, everyone. Twitter: Jay Drawins Jay RNaylor Commission account: jaydraws /////////////////////// I do not take commissions //////////////////////// I do not take commissions /////////////////////// I do not take commissions /////////////////////////// Original Life is updating again. Where he has lost all hope of ever feeling good about his body.Go to where mankind has lost all control, and dwells in both the pleasures of the moment and a deeply repressed hatred of himself for doing so.She is a black and white anthropomorphic cat who is the fraternal twin of her brother Fisk.