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State and federal laws that ban intimidation don't offer much guidance on how courts should define it.

But in another decision today, the 6 Courts consistently rule that physical violence or threats constitute voter intimidation, but, as today's conflicting rulings show, there is no judicial consensus on which nonviolent acts are legally considered intimidating.

In his dissent in the Ohio case, 6, in which the Supreme Court found that Tennessee's ban on "the solicitation of votes and the display or distribution of campaign materials" within 100 feet of polling places served the state's "compelling interests in preventing voter intimidation and election fraud." The court, though, did not indicate what kind of intimidation such a buffer zone would protect voters from.

Both of the above cases as well as the Ohio and South Dakota rulings deal with intimidation at a polling place.

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However, the crime can become a Level 6 Felony (with a sentence potential of 6-months to 2.5 years) if the “threat” (1) is used to commit a “forcible felony,” (2) is made against the following people: a police officer, judge/bailiff, a witness, a spouse or child of a witness, an employee of a school corporation, a volunteer police officer, court employee, probation officer/employee, community corrections officer/employee, (3) is made by a individual with a prior unrelated conviction concerning the same victim, and/or (4) is made by way property (including electronics) of a school corporation or governmental entity.Workplace intimidation always decreases productivity by lowering morale and increasing internal frictions within the company.The workplace bully, even if he is the owner, is not acting in the best interests of the company by bullying you.In Arizona, cases of threats and intimidation are not viewed lightly in the judicial system.Threatening or intimidating is included under Chapter 12 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, along with assault and similar offenses.You may experience depression, high blood pressure or substance abuse problems.