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The business will open with a museum-themed flagship room, and two other rooms will be open later as they are completed.
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Edit: all of this is to say any "ground rule" you might propose for straight dating is going to be riddled with exceptions.

For every straight couple you may find for whom the ground rule applies, you'll find another couple for whom it doesn't. They're pointless for straight people, and they're equally pointless for gay people.

If you see a same-sex couple, obviously on a date, it's a decent bet they're out to everyone they care about, and don't care that you assume they're gay.

The issues LGB people face when dating aren't really any different than the issues straight people face when dating. There's one important difference for trans people, potentially, and it's similar to closets for gay people.

Coming from Canada, one of the most liberal countries in the world (especially with regard to homosexuality see map of sexual freedoms here), it’s almost shocking to me.

The topic does not impact my life directly, but I am a definite believer in human rights, and so the subject holds a certain importance.

Election Day always brings surprises, but what happened in Houston and Kentucky was no surprise. LGBT people are leading the polls–as a reason to vote Democratic candidates and civil rights policies out.

Since the 2000 election, Democrats have been losing ground politically, particularly at the state level.

Before we transitioned, getting interviews – and doing very well in them – was easy.

We date folks who aren't into us, just like you do; we mistake infatuation for love, just like you do; we fret over when to say, "I love you," just like you do; we worry that we'll appear "too needy" if we call too quickly, or that we'll appear disinterested, if we don't, just like you do. Trans folks have the added layer of difficulty which is the whole issue of if or when it's safe to come out to people about their gender history.

But there again, trans people aren't some different species. If you can think of a dating problem straight people have, LGBT people have that problem.

Whether it is because the person is not “passable” in some way, or because the background check reveals their previous name, or there is a DD214 (military discharge) they can’t update, or a Google search – if you’re transgender, chances are you be outed eventually during the process, and it will likely (negatively) affect whether or not you are interviewed, much less extended a job offer.

One of my closest friends also works in government as a high-level technical person.