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Martha: I was just thinking of that expression, "I'll make mincemeat out of you." Mincemeat used to be made up of little bits of meat chopped up, so the expression was like saying, "I'll chop you up into little pieces! But whether it’s a friendly rivalry..a fight to the death..end result is the same. I am going to go out, and find the most vindictive lawyer I can find, and together, we are going to eviscerate you. But the good news is, there are no signs that she had been molested. You are now forbidden from seeing or talking to my daughter ever again. You want to know what true humiliation is, you just take one step. Susan: Every time we went out for pizza, you could have said, 'oh, by the way, I once killed a man.' Or when you said, 'hey, let's go jogging', you could have said, 'well, by the way, I once killed a man.' Every time we went to the movies and the hero shot the bad guy, you could have turned to me and said, "oh, by the way, I did that once" You didn't. They're actual adults waiting for me with margaritas. Until one day, when she least expects it, I'm gonna do something so awful, it is going to rock her world. Nora: We stopped off at this bar and I got bitchy with one of the waitresses.