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People paul from american idol dating nikki

Not only was Lane the more attractive anchor (obviously! Well, it seems Lane feels her former station was out to get her, and she’s filing suit against them. In response to a question about how Alycia handles all of the press about her beauty, she basically insults all of Philly:"I mean, in Miami I was the ugly duckling,' she says. The women there are incredible."In other words, in Miami she's a normal girl, but in Philly, compared to all this Philly girls, she's a babe.
London Tipton: I'll be like the big sister you've never had! Unless you're a tuna fish, then you'll die! Zack Martin: That's my catchphrase, come up with your own. Zack Martin: Sorry, that's Cody's catchphrase. Bailey Pickett: I can't even believe that that's Miss Tutweiller doing the weather, thirty years ago.