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Concerned with the security, humanitarian, human rights and political crisis in the Central African Republic and its regional implications, the Security Council authorized on 10 April 2014 deployment of a multidimensional United Nations peacekeeping operation – MINUSCA, with the protection of civilians as its utmost priority.

Its other initial tasks included support for the transition process; facilitating humanitarian assistance; promotion and protection of human rights; support for justice and the rule of law; and disarmament, demobilization, reintegration and repatriation processes.

“I can tell you that I am concerned with saving as many lives as I can, not necessarily one. I can’t be perfect, but I can do what I feel what’s right at the time.”He added: “I am not a politician. Yet the command would not target the building.“Let’s focus on [rules of engagement] because there is no reason you can’t level a house if they are shooting from it,” the soldier said.

I am just the guy on the ground asking for that ammunition to be dropped because it’s going to save lives.”Mr. “I’ve never heard of a rule that would not allow [you] to fire on a house.

The Lebanese remained at odds, Syria refused to withdraw its missiles, and Israel chafed under the restrictions of the ceasefire, which allowed the PLO to strengthen itself and did not prevent terrorist attacks from the West Bank and Gaza Strip or against Israeli and Jewish targets in Europe.Warriors say this chain-of-command bureaucracy has cost lives: Each Taliban fighter allowed to escape is one more terrorist free to attack Americans by fighting battles or planting homemade bombs.“We handcuffed our troops in combat needlessly,” said retired Air Force Lt. That is about five times the annual death toll compared with 2006-2007 and three times the number in 2008 — yet U. troop strength roughly doubled, from 40,000 to 85,000. In 2012, as the troop count began to decrease, the death toll fell to 319, three times what it was in 2006-2007.The battle of Ganjgal in Afghanistan’s Kunar province proved to be historic.Dating is subject to the same scrutiny as any other form of fraternization.As such, it must reflect professionalism and cannot engender any favoritism or abuses of position.Following Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon, the advocates of military intervention won out.