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More black women dating outside race

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So When I think about these comments or look over them, I think we think things like this are funny or a joke.Which they, I get why people are entertained by them.But make no mistake about it: This is the result of a certain kind of white privilege, not a lack of women of color interested in dating white men or making their love lives public.

After all, she was one of women vying for Nick Viall’s heart last season. The politics of interracial dating in this country are complicated, as evidenced by the fact this is the most diverse season of , ever.

The tweet's implication that there is something odd or unusual about interracial dating did not go over well on the social media site.

Others pointed out that the data Dear @Newsweek, 2011 called and it wants its headline back.

The article noted that Lindsay's first kiss on the show was with a man of Colombian descent.

"Lindsay stands out, however, not only because she is the first non-white woman to helm a ‘Bachelorette' season, but because black women so rarely date beyond their own cultures," reporter Janice Williams wrote.